“Stimulating, fun and very helpful…The variety of activities has inspired a lot of pleasurable meanderings at the keys” Piano Sanctuary online participant

What are the online courses?

Piano Sanctuary online courses offer adult piano learners of all ages and abilities the chance to receive great piano tuition and make enjoyable fast-track progress from the comfort of your own home, and arranged to fit your schedule. There are two online courses available:

  • Piano Sanctuary Starter – for those coming to the piano or keyboard for the first time, or those returning after a long break!
  • Piano Sanctuary Adventure – for all learners, looking for new creative methods and inspiration.

Both courses are taught through a mixture of pre-recorded video lessons and live one-on-one Zoom tuition. Both courses are supported by a course pack of lesson materials, sent by post. Please note: a stable, high-speed internet connection is necessary in order to take Piano Sanctuary online courses.

Important information

Age range: Adults
Entry requirement: Open to all abilities.
Course length: 5 stages timed to suit you.
Cost: £99 (Starter) including course pack.
Cost: £145 (Adventure) including course pack.
Location: Online where you are!

“Quite unlike any other piano teaching I have had. Great to be focussing on the how rather than the what – this is a revelation for me. Lots of new ideas and work for my hands. Already very pleased that I decided to go with the Piano Sanctuary course!”Piano Sanctuary online participant

How do the online courses work?

  • Piano Sanctuary Starter – The course starts with two exclusive initial video lessons (not available on website or any other platform) which gives you all you need for hand position, playing your first music at the piano, and being creative at the piano – bypassing “baby” repertoire. Once you’ve completed the initial lessons, you’re ready for live virtual lessons (conducted via Zoom) with Piano Sanctuary founder and concert pianist Andrew Quartermain. These last 30 minutes each, and are booked at your convenience. The course is supported by a lesson pack (sent by post).
  • Piano Sanctuary Adventure – Starting with two video lessons and then three live zoom lessons, this course is specially written for each participant’s wishes – to take everyone on their own piano-playing adventure. Concert pianist Andrew Quartermain works collaboratively with each student, based on their level and confidence, to free up your improvisation and creativity at the piano. You’ll discover new and incredible sonorities and textures and a huge range of creative techniques to improvise at the piano and even create your own compositions. The course is supported by a lesson pack (sent by post).
“I found the Zoom lesson really invigorating and encouraging” Piano Sanctuary online participant

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Who are the online courses for?

Piano Sanctuary online courses, just like our retreats, are for adult piano learners of all ages and abilities. There are no entry requirements: whether you are coming to the piano for the first time, or returning after several or many years, you will be encouraged and guided at your own pace.

We understand that adult learners, often with busy schedules, want to make progress fast and can feel stifled by a traditional ‘score-based’ approach using music often devised for children.

Our method introduces creative elements, and improvisation, to enable you to make fast-track progress towards enjoyable playing.

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