Piano Sanctuary On Air has launched a brand new weekly radio show with Alde & Blyth Community Radio. The show will air at 6pm on Fridays on ABC Radio and will be a classical music show like no other.

Broadcast from the Guesten Hall at Pro Corda with live performances of the world’s greatest piano music, the show will also feature international guest artists from across Pro Corda’s courses – as well as crucially shining the spotlight on the Pro Corda students and the staff and community of Leiston Abbey.

There will be plenty of chances to get involved, weekly top tips for adult learners, family involvement, and much more.

To listen live click on the ABC Listen Live button on Fridays at 6pm or download the ABC Radio app.

Once the shows have been broadcast live they will appear on this page from where you can listen back.

Below you can get in touch with the team, to ask questions, make recommendations, or answer the questions the team ask on air! We look forward to hearing from you.

And, of course, you can listen to all the Piano Sanctuary podcasts below too. Happy listening!