The following article appeared in the 4th September 2021 edition of the Daily Telegraph.


Piano Sanctuary is a warm, friendly and exciting environment for adult learners of all levels of experience.

So many of us dream of learning the piano. Maybe it’s that disused upright piano or electric keyboard in the corner of the sitting room, maybe the children are having lessons at school and a parent is longing to play too. For some, its memories of maybe an overly strict teacher when they did learn as a child that puts them off wanting to take the traditional route and book months, even years, of lessons to restart their piano journey.

Piano Sanctuary has been developed with all this in mind. Founder and concert pianist Andrew Quartermain has been running piano courses for adults for 17 years. “I soon realised this was about a social club as much as it was about piano lessons” says Andrew. “People from all backgrounds coming together but with one thing in common – their love of the piano, but often held back by lack of confidence and thinking they’d never get there.”

Piano Sanctuary now serves hundreds of learners across the UK and beyond. There are the online courses – the Starter course for beginners or those returning to the piano, and the Adventure course for existing learners.

Both work in the same way — fast-tracking technical fluency and musicianship by entering into the incredible sound worlds of the piano immediately via creative activities that can be grasped immediately.

The courses are individually written for participants, each of whom has their own personal tutor throughout the course. Starting at just £99, the courses offer an incredibly cost-effective way to unlock your skills at the piano – and you can start right now.

Piano Sanctuary also offers weekend retreats at its idyllic home – Leiston Abbey, on the Suffolk coast – which can be booked throughout the year.

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